As the director of the Part-time MBA, Hilbrand Westra has struck me as an ambitious hard working individual with great commitment to his tasks and our organization. Especially his professionalism and his constructive critical attitude was appreciated.

Prof.dr. J.A.A. van der Veen
Former Part-time MBA Program director
University Nyenrode


Hilbrand initiated and successfully delivered an International Management workshop to Asian MBA students studying at Nimbas...I can fully recommend Hilbrand. We are impressed by Hilbrand’s quality of work, his knowledge and understanding.

Dr. Josephine BPM Borchert Ansinger
Former President and Dean
Nimbas University Graduate School of Management

Mr. Westra showed me my own culture in a way I never met. I went to Europe with the assumption that studying in Netherlands would secure mu future in the international business world. Now I know, that if I don’t know and understand my own background and heritage, I will never really manage to retain strength once given away, because I cannot deny where I come from. Transcultural understanding for people like me is essential. I would wish that Mr. Westra would give these courses also in my own country to prevent cultural blindness. I know now, I will certainly go back to Taiwan after graduation.

Yuen Cheung
(former) MBA Student at Nimbas


What others say doesn't matter that much. Its what you touched inside their heart what will be remembered.

Max Schreiber